Tuesday, 31 August 2010

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  • Half this NGO’s staff is HIV-positive >>
  • HIV vaccine shows modest success for the first time >>
  • Experts gather in Bali to discuss AIDS fight >>
  • Screening in Tihar jail reveals large number of HIV-positive inmates >>
  • Gay sex ‘not criminal’: Delhi High Court >>
  • NACO teams up with TCI for HIV prevention among truckers >>
  • "Patent pool" idea mooted to bring down cost of HIV/AIDS drugs >>
  • Lancet article criticises Gates Foundation funding pattern >>
  • Sex education in schools leads to promiscuity says Rajya Sabha committee >>
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Friend, guide and counsellor

Recently, antibiotics have been considered to be harmful and non-medical methods of treatment have been preferred instead. This and self-treatment often lead to adverse reactions. For example, improper treatment of severe tonsillitis may lead to development of rheumatic heart disease with serious adverse complications. You can buy OTC antibiotics online without prescription in trusted Canadian pharmacy >>

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Children and women with HIV face destitution and violence

Fifteen per cent of India’s 2.5 million HIV-positive are children. That’s 375,000 children, with 50,000 being born infected or becoming infected each year. The government has woken up to the tragedy and held a series of public hearings across the country recently. Sandhya Srinivasan spoke to R Meera who attended the hearings


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HIV/AIDS Activism Reaches Beyond Health Issues

When the Delhi High Court ordered the decriminalisation of gay sex in July the credit went to HIV/AIDS activists seeking a better deal for those living with the virus.


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A vaccine for AIDS – hope, caution and opportunity

Senior scientist Shahid Jameel says the partially successful HIV vaccine trial in Thailand has offered a direct opportunity to understand the correlates of protection in humans. The initial trial results, though modest, will surely energise HIV vaccine research towards a more complete analysis of the successful immune response


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Challenges in facing the HIV epidemic in Pakistan

Social taboos and a weak public health infrastructure have combined to prevent an effective response to the HIV epidemic in Pakistan. The epidemic is largely restricted to groups at high risk but it is feared that, in the absence of a comprehensive programme, it will move into the general population.


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From candid camera to condemned

The use of a picture of a healthy mother and child in an HIV/AIDS campaign triggered a reaction that undid much of the good work the campaign was trying to achieve. The case should act as a wake up call for those working in sensitive areas where stigma and discrimination are still very strong, says R Induja


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When should HIV treatment start?

Scientific evidence is mounting for ART to be started at an earlier stage than currently recommended by WHO/NACO. But for healthcare systems in the developing world already struggling to meet existing demands, is this a viable option, asks Ajithkumar K


We regret to inform our readers that our Helpline panelist, Dr Deodatta Hari Gore, MS surgeon, president of Guruprasad and project co-ordinator of the Drop in Centre project passed away on July 10, 2010.

Draft HIV/AIDS bill leaves out key provisions

Positive people's networks have protested the deletion of 38 key provisions in the latest version of the HIV-AIDS Bill which is being discussed by the law ministry and health ministry.
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